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This game has been shutdown, i'm now working on my other game, Kecu's Adventure.

This is the first game i ever actually did something with, i just started working on this game but i decided i would come up with something by the 31st (just a few minutes late, darn) this game might be mediocre, but i'm proud of it nonetheless.

This game has 6 very small levels, i plan on adding more power ups than just jump pretty soon.

Now i bet you're thinking "why should i play this bad looking platformer that barely has anything to do in it or anything unique about it?" well... you don't have any reason to, i'm not good at finishing things, this project is to teach me how to, if you decide to play it, please give me feedback on it, because that's what i need to make it better, thank you for your time.

Install instructions

1 - Double click on the game installer.

1/2 - If your computer asks if you want to allow an unknown publisher than that's your choice.

2 - Actually read the License Agreement (probably)

3 - press "I Agree"

4 - Choose which components you'd like to install.

5 - Press "Next >"

5 - Choose where you want to save the game.

6 - Press "Install"

7 - Choose if you want to "Start Project Time" or not.

8 - Press " Finish"

8/2 - If you didn't want to "Start Project Time" then, but now you do, go to where you saved it, open the file called "Project Time" and double click the application named "Project Time"


Project Time V1.1.exe 2 MB

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