A downloadable game

i'm gonna do my best to update it every monday!

current map packs:

Run n Jump - None of the fancy stuff.

The Original - What i entered "my first game jam" with.

This game is my entry in my first game jam.

it's actually pretty fun.

please comment and leave your suggestions on how i could make it better!

What i am working on currently:

i am working on getting leaderboards up for how fast you made it through the level, and if you used secret passages or not (there are in fact secrets in every level, have you found them all?)

Q quits the game,S makes the camera shake, and R restarts the game.


KecusSuperAdventureV1.2.exe 4 MB


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This was really fun! I only found one secret passage, and its a really cool thing to hide!


Thank you for actually giving feedback to me! i plan on adding more to the game as time goes on, so check it out again whenever you get the chance! (i'll be updating it with a new 5 level map pack weekly)